Get Motivated!

It’s true, some individuals more successful than others. But why is that exactly? Is it hard work, dedication, initiative, and perseverance? Of course it is. But most successful people have something else in common that allows them to overcome obstacles time and time again. It’s enthusiasm and self-motivation!

No, we’re not talking about about cheers at meetings or pep talks. We’re talking about truly tapping into your number one source of future success Self-Motivation and Enthusiasm!

During a fun-filled session opening keynote, Bruce Wilkinson, a renowned leadership, communications, and culture implementation strategist will help you unlock the secrets of enthusiasm and self-motivation and the role these techniques play in achieving goals, dreams, and career ambitions. If you’ve every wanted to get to the next level in your company, or have been  wondering why you aren’t advancing, you need to be at this session.

But you can only hear what Bruce has to say, if you attend the BTO Forum, taking place October 24 and 25 in New Orleans, LA. So, Sign up now — prices increase as time goes by, there is only limited space, and we expect the meeting to sell out.

And don’t forget to book your hotel at the New Orleans Marriott, because you are going to want to stay where are all the action is taking place. ACCA has a special rate of $199 per night plus applicable taxes, but it’s only good until October 2, 2017, or when the block is full, whichever comes first. Book early, because our block normally fills up fast.

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